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Product Overview

JOFO adopts spunmelt technology and provides special nano- & micron-levelmeltblown filtration materials for the air filter, liquid filter and special filter markets. With professional design for the fiber fineness and fiber net aperture, it can effectively protect the environment and human health.

Product Series丨Product Application

  1. Medical mask material:

It effectively avoids the erosion by the bacteria for the patients, doctors and nurses in the treatment process, and prevents AIDS and other dangerous infectious pathogens from getting into the body through the respiratory tract during surgery and dental treatment, so as to protect health.

  1. Industrial dust mask material

It effectively blocks nano- & micron-level harmful dust to ensure the health of operators.

  1. Air filter material

Through installation of air filter material on air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and air inlets, the people can be protected against the harm from smoke, pollen and floating dust particles during life and work.


High filtration efficiency

Low initial resistance

Lasting bacterial resistance

Excellent clogging

High dust holding capacity

Functional design:

Resistance to blood and bacteria