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Product Overview

As a domestic leading nonwoven material manufacturer, JOFO, with advanced technical basis, provides high-performance materials and application solutions for upholstered furniture and bedding market.

Product Series

(I) spunbonded nonwoven

Safe and high-quality material with high bursting strength and tearing strength

  • Excellent raw materials and safe color masterbatch are selected to ensure the safety of the final fabric
  • Professional design process ensures high bursting strength and tearing strength of the material
  • Unique functional design meets the requirements of your specific areas

Product Application


High bursting strength

High anti-mite rate

Long durability

Good uniformity

Long UV-stabilization

Functional design:



Wrapping fabric for sofa cushion and bedding mattresses

Spring wrapping fabric

Wrapping fabric for pillows and cushions

Window curtain


 (II) KobwebTM

Kobweb is the best choice for furniture and bedding material

  • Soft hand feeling, good breathability, high tearing strength
  • High strength, low elongation, creep resistance, good dimensional stability
  • Equivalent tension in all directions
  • Easier to achieve excellent flame retardant performance (in compliance with BS5852 cigarette and match flame retardant test standard)
  • No need for dyeing, more environment-friendly, no color fading
  • Good leather feeling
  • Superior abrasion resistance

Product Application

  1. Furniture application

Kobweb is an ideal auxiliary material for upholstered sofas as well as the best substitute for various woven fabrics.

Cushion bottom lining

Spring interlining

Pull strip

  1. Mattress application

With soft touch and good abrasion resistance, Kobweb is the best choice for the production of high-quality mattresses.

We will provide you with wrapping coils suitable for various springs as well as isolation interlining for bed nets.

Pocket spring

Isolation interlining

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