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Product Overview

In reliance on continuous technical innovation, JOFO becomes the largest non-woven supplier in China, who provides a wide selection of non-woven products. In the field of medical and industrial protection, its products are applicable to infection control, medical garments, wound care and industrial safety protection.

  • Medical field: Surgical gowns, medical protective clothing, wash gowns, surgical drapes, isolation gowns, etc.
  • Industrial field: Clean room protective clothing, protective clothing for chemical handling, protective clothing for wood and heavy metal processing, mining protective clothing, protective clothing for paint spraying

Product Series

Medical and industrial protective products

JOFO’s medical and industrial protective materials can be used to produce high-quality, safe, protective and comfortable series products, which can effectively prevent nano- & micron-level viruses and bacteria, dust particles and harmful liquid, increase the work efficiency of medical staff and workers, and ensure the safety of the staff engaged in the field.

Product Application

  • Surgical clothing: Surgical gown and surgical wash gown
  • Medical protective clothing: Medical personnel clothing and patient clothing (isolation gown, patient gown, surgical cap, operation cap, round caps, shoe covers, protective clothing for doctors and nurses, lab coats, etc.)
  • Surgical drapes/ sterile wrap: Abdomen drapes, gynecology drapes, osteoarticular drapes, beach chair armdrapes, baby blankets, double-sided drapes, foot drapes, chest drapes, CV drapes, hand drapes, hand towels, head drapes, thigh drapes, laparotomy drapes, leg drapes, ophthalmology drapes, side drapes, thyroid drapes, etc.
  • Masks: Medical protective masks, occupational dust masks, FFP2, FFP3 masks, N95, N99 masks
  • Medical aids: Table cover, patient drapes, bed sheets
  • Clean room protective clothing: Aseptic clothing, insulation clothing, anti-static clothing
  • Protective clothing for chemical handling: Chemical protective clothing, acid-alkali-proof aprons, oil-water repellent anti-static clothing
  • Protective clothing for wood and heavy metal processing: Anti-bacterial protective clothing, acid-alkali-proof clothing, fire proof clothing
  • Mining protective clothing: Dust masks, oil-water repellent anti-static clothing

 Key features:

  • Excellent antistatic performance
  • Alcohol, oil and blood antiseep
  • High barrier performance to harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Excellent resistance to liquid and dust
  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Conventional ETO and high pressure sterilization are allowed